Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Early Reader Chapter Book Series For Boys Can Make A Positive Difference In A Child’s Life

In a world where everything electronic and digital often takes center stage, books can get overlooked or pushed aside. In fact, some boys may prefer to challenge a friend in the latest video game over reading a chapter book. However, encouraging a child to read is worth the effort and can have a positive impact on their life. Reduce your child's technology time Taming the technology monster is a common problem parents have, and getting your child interested in reading can help. Read More 

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Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Those library books look incredible in your family room, but have you really taken the time to understand what they say? For years, I looked for interesting and unique ways to teach basic concepts to my kids, only to discover later that they were already in our house. I want you to take advantage of the learning materials that you already have around your house, because you might be surprised with how helpful they can be. To help you out, my blog contains loads of helpful information about books and supplies you might need. I know that if you can make education a priority, your entire family can benefit from it.