Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Books About Balancing Goals And Life Can Help You Reach Your Dreams

Do you often feel as if you are merely surviving rather than thriving when it comes to living out your daily life? Perhaps you find yourself stuck in the same old routine day after day as you watch your dreams fade away. Fortunately, there are books available that can show you the way to balance your goals, live your life, and still pursue those dreams you are passionate about. Do you wish to work fewer hours? Read More 

How To Instill Morality In Your Child

One of the many jobs you have as a parent is to teach your child morality and how to be a good person. While this may sound simple, it is far from it. Morality is complex and the process of becoming a good person is a life-long endeavor. However, there are many steps you can take to begin instilling morality into your child at an early age. Get to know some of these steps you can take and then, you can start using them in your parenting life as soon as possible. Read More 

Feminist Homeschooling

A lot of parents are planning to home school this coming school year due to, well, a lot of concern about safety in schools. There are a lot of people who are worried about the schools rushing kids back into the classroom while COVID-19 is still an ongoing threat in the United States. With all that going on, you want to add in some lessons about women in history. This is an often overlooked part of schooling, in the first place, and there are a lot of misconceptions about what we do know in regard to historical figures, especially historical nonfiction books about women. Read More 

5 Reasons To Get Photos And Art Custom Framed

If you're looking for a way to display your photos, art, and other special mementos, you may want to hire a custom framing service to help out. While you can buy some frames at the store, it's fun to create your own custom frame that truly highlights the pieces that are in them. A custom frame shop can help you make the perfect frames. Here are some reasons to get photos and art custom framed: Read More 

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Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Those library books look incredible in your family room, but have you really taken the time to understand what they say? For years, I looked for interesting and unique ways to teach basic concepts to my kids, only to discover later that they were already in our house. I want you to take advantage of the learning materials that you already have around your house, because you might be surprised with how helpful they can be. To help you out, my blog contains loads of helpful information about books and supplies you might need. I know that if you can make education a priority, your entire family can benefit from it.