Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Shadow Box Show Off: Fun Ways To Use Shadow Boxes In The Classroom

If you are a teacher or instructor, you probably enjoy sharing interesting and educational things with your students. However, some items may have sentimental value and may be too delicate to pass around a room full of children. Putting the items in a shadow box is a great way to allow your students to get an up close and personal view of the items while keeping the items safe and secure. Read More 

Tips On Managing A Classroom As A Volunteer

Looking for volunteer work and have knowledge in a certain niche? You may want to consider teaching a class. There are all sorts of volunteer opportunities as a teacher: life skills classes, Sunday schools, tutoring, special interest classes at the library, etc. If you've never taught a class before, it will benefit you to educate yourself on some basic classroom management skills. Here are some tips to help. Start off Small if You Can Read More 

Abandoned And Closed Schools: Haunting Scenes And What To Do With The Furniture

When school districts shut down schools, there are a number of reasons why. Maybe the buildings are not safe anymore. Maybe things are too old and do not work right. Maybe there is an extremely low enrollment and the oldest schools are no longer needed. Whatever the reason, it leaves behind buildings filled with classroom furniture and old classroom supplies. Walk through these abandoned schools, and you almost get a chill looking at the empty, quiet rooms filled with old ghosts of vanished days. Read More 

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Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Those library books look incredible in your family room, but have you really taken the time to understand what they say? For years, I looked for interesting and unique ways to teach basic concepts to my kids, only to discover later that they were already in our house. I want you to take advantage of the learning materials that you already have around your house, because you might be surprised with how helpful they can be. To help you out, my blog contains loads of helpful information about books and supplies you might need. I know that if you can make education a priority, your entire family can benefit from it.