Learning From The Materials You Already Have

Shadow Box Show Off: Fun Ways To Use Shadow Boxes In The Classroom

If you are a teacher or instructor, you probably enjoy sharing interesting and educational things with your students. However, some items may have sentimental value and may be too delicate to pass around a room full of children. Putting the items in a shadow box is a great way to allow your students to get an up close and personal view of the items while keeping the items safe and secure.  

Make a literature display

Do you have favorite storybooks you've treasured since you were a young child? Maybe you have a collection of books you received as a special gift from a loved one. Displaying them in a shadow box is a great way to enjoy them every day, and you can discuss how books and book covers have changed over the years in your latest literature lesson.

You may wish to make a display box that focuses on a specific author. Display several books from the author along with a brief print out of the author's biography and photo. You could also display a sampling of books from different authors who write in the same genre and discuss their different writing styles.

Another idea is to focus on one specific book and display famous quotes from the book. You may want to read a classic book with your class and have them write their favorite quotes from the book. The students will be delighted to help you design the shadow box to display on the classroom wall.

You could also make a shadow box that focuses on antique writing tools. Display vintage ink pens and inkwells along with miniature typewriters. You and your students will have fun discussing how far technology has advanced since the days of typewriters.

Make a hobby display 

Hobby displays are great for getting your students away from electronic games and interested in a specific hobby. You may want to dedicate one wall in your classroom to hobbies. Let the various displays inspire your students and encourage them to select a new hobby if they don't already have one.

For instance, make a photography display by using an old camera, film rolls or film canisters, and a variety of photos. A cooking display could contain a cookbook, kitchen utensils, and recipe cards. An artist display could contain paint brushes, paints, and a paint palette along with a biography of a famous painter. Seeing the fun displays may be just what it takes to ignite a desire for your students to try something new.

Shadow boxes are not only great for displaying and protecting interesting items you want to share with your students, but they also make great educational decorations on any classroom wall. They will add the perfect visual element to your teaching and are a creative way to inspire your students to learn.

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Learning From The Materials You Already Have

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