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Tips On Keeping Track Of Your Online Marketing ROI

One of the first steps to increasing revenue at any company is to invest in marketing efforts to get the word out about the company's products and services. Keeping track of the return on investment in marketing campaigns is one of the most important tasks in gauging how well a particular marketing tactic is working.

It can sometimes be complicated and confusing to accurately track ROI for online marketing tactics. Tracking marketing success via the Web often takes some technical know-how and creativity. The following tips should shed some light on the possibilities and make evaluating online marketing efforts a bit more straightforward:

Set goals

If you set a goal you can strive for, it will be much easier to not only quantify your ROI, but also to note any shortcomings in your marketing tactics. Setting a goal often gives you a single metric against which you can measure your progress, and this drastically simplifies tracking ROI.

Narrow your goal setting down to benchmarks that you deem the most important to the growth of your company. Don't limit yourself to setting revenue goals, but also consider gauging brand recognition out on the Web through surveys and other means. 

Ask customers questions

It might not always be easy to determine through which marketing channel a customer has heard about you. Don't be afraid to engage in conversation with clients where appropriate and find out how they came across your company and its products and services. 

Use analytics tools

You're really missing out if you're not taking advantage of all the online analytics tools that help you keep track of website traffic. If you use a content management system, there might even be analytics tools built right into the website design interface.

Analytics tools can keep track of things like where website visitors have linked to your site from and how many visitors you're getting each day. 

Create custom URLs

A custom webpage URL is sort of like a call tracking number that helps you analyze the major sources of website traffic. You can make it easy to gauge online marketing ROI if you create landing pages with custom URLs that contain expertly crafted sales copy and a convincing call to action. 

Use different tracking phone numbers

You shouldn't neglect tracking customer acquisition through traditional communication channels like telephone and mail just because you're focusing on online marketing ROI. Customers may call you after looking up your phone number online. 

Use a different phone number for each marketing channel if possible. For example, have a specific phone number for online ads, television ads, print ads, and so on.  For more information, contact a professional for information on how to grow revenue.

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